Advantages of Working with Standardized Patients


A Standardized Patient (SP) is a healthy person who has been carefully trained to portray the historical, physical and emotional features of an actual patient. They provide an extremely valuable resource for teaching and assessment.

SPs are:

  • Realistic – difficult to detect that they are not real patients.
  • Available – can be used any time, any where because of their flexible schedules.
  • Reliable – symptoms, signs and psycho-social aspects remain stable – role portrayal consistent with each repetition and standardized with other SPs playing the role.
  • Controllable – situation, setting and level of difficulty and amount of information given to the learner can be controlled.
  • Adaptable – flexible in adapting the role to meet specific needs of the trainee as directed by the trainer.
  • Risk free – learners practice skills and learn techniques in a safe environment without risk of harm to real patients.
  • Able - to give constructive feedback in a learning environment.