Standardized Patients

What is a Standardized Patient or Standardized Client?

  • A Standardized Patient (SP) (also sometimes referred to as a or Standardized Client (SC)) is a person trained to portray the personal history, physical symptoms, emotional characteristics and everyday concerns of an actual patient.
  • An SP or SC plays an integral role in educational settings such as interactive teaching environments, group demonstrations, clinical examinations, videos or portrayal customized to meet the client’s needs.
  • An SP is trained to provide constructive feedback to learners at all levels of training from the patient’s unique perspective.

Standardized Patients at the University of Toronto

  • The SPP hires and books SPs to provide simulation and teaching services to the University of Toronto MD Program, Departments, and community programs.
  • SPs are needed to serve both the Greater Toronto Area (primarily at the University of Toronto St. George Campus as well as teaching hospitals) and the Mississauga Academy of Medicine (MAM) campus.
  • The SPP has a dedicated pool of SPs for each campus and SPs are a diverse group from all walks of life representing the Toronto Greater Toronto Area, Markham, Mississauga, Milton and Oakville community
  • The in-person trainings for the GTA roles takes place at the SPP office, 263 McCaul St. and the training for the MAM campus takes place at 3359 Mississauga Road.
  • The SPP offers both in-person and online teaching, training, simulation and assessments.

Apply to be a Standardized Patient

The SPP is looking for individuals to join their program at both campuses. SPs should be:

  • Between 16 and 75 years of age
  • Able to retain information
  • Role play or acting experience is an asset
  • Reliable and punctual
  • An active listener
  • Able to work with others in a  professional and respectful manner
  • Able to receive constructive feedback and provide feedback to learners
  • Able to follow detailed instructions and reproduce simulation consistently

If this sounds like you, we’d love for you to reach out. Submit your SP Application online here. Interviews are scheduled throughout the year based on project and session requirements.

Additional Information

  • SPs are casual employees of the University of Toronto and are members of United Steel Workers (USW)1998 Casual Bargaining Unit.
  • SPs are paid an hourly rate depending on the project or scenario and always a minimum of two hours. Pay is on a bi-weekly basis.
  • SP work hours are irregular and sporadic in nature, since they are dependent on multiple factors – projects, UofT academic year, etc. The SPP cannot guarantee a fixed minimum or maximum number of hours of work.
  • The Standardized Patient Program is committed to creating a culturally diverse SP pool, and to being equitable in providing work opportunities to SPs. University of Toronto - Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Excellence
  • To find out more about SP work, please reference the Standardized Patient Guide
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